How Did Alibaba Win The Battle against eBay?

Alibaba is the most popular e-commerce in China. It accounts for 58.2% of Chinese retail market share, while the second one,, has 16.3%. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and now owns products such as Taobao, Tmall, Alipay etc, which covers retailer, brand, logistics, financial service and many more.

The success of Alibaba is due to loads of factors. As far as I am concerned, there are three main reasons resulting in its achievement today, ie, Taobao,advertising, leadership.


Taobao is an online retail platform, equivalent to Ebay and Amazon. officially established by Alibaba on 10th May 2003. To obtain as big market as possible, Taobao was free to register and use, even if it had a trading loss for 5 consecutive years since it started. It attracted a significant amount of retailers to open their online shops on Taobao.

On 13 January 2009, Taobao announced that the trade volume reached 99.96 billion RMB in 2008 and it became Chinese biggest retail market. Chinese people began to give up shopping on high street retailers, but on Taobao. Taobao became a brand of Alibaba who soon developed other products, Alipay, identical to Paypal, Aliwangwang, similar to Skype, Ant Credit Pay, like a small loan provider. In a word, Taobao is the foundation of Alibaba’s services.


In China, 11 November is celebrated as Single’s Day, which started in 2009. Alibaba decided to have a big sales day between autumn and winter and aimed at young customers. Single is a very attractive theme among youngsters and Alibaba took a big advantage of it to promote the sales. Undoubtfully, it is a massive victory. The sales came to 52 million RMB, 10 times as much as daily sales. The Single’s Day sales on Taobao has been on every year since 2009, it is said that the sales was 213.5 billion RMB on 11 November 2018 alone.

Apart from Single’s Day, Alibaba also dispatches red packets, lucky moeny, over Chinese New Year. Chinese people are obssessed to login to Taobao to participate in this activity. Talking about how much red packets received is a beloved topic over the Chinese New Year.


Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba. He is a superman who has unique insight, creative ideas and strong personality.

As an English teacher and translator, he received a very decent salary in late 1990s, and it was a dream job for most Chinese people. However, Jack Ma made his decision to quit his job and started online business. In 1990s, lots of Chinese people never heard about online business, but Jack Ma believed in its great potential and invested it. He didn’t manage to make any profit for almost 10 years, but he never gave up.

He had an idea to start financial service Ant Credit Pay. It is similar to bank services from which you can borrown money, save money, buy financial products but in a much smaller amount. Ant Credit Pay helps young people buy stuff on Taobao, thus boosting business in both Taobao and Ant Credit Pay.

He convinced his business partners that his idea is not impossible and they can make it work. He used his personal skills to persuade them to stand on his side to develop Ant Credit Pay, Aliexpress, Alibaba Clound, which are new products changing customers’ behaviour.

Thanks to Taobao, great advertising and Jack Ma, Alibaba is growing faster than competitors. It is still growing and the market Alibaba is targeting at is international, as their products are issuing international versions.

The Best eCommerce trends of 2019

Technological advancements have continued to push the future of business. Availability of fast internet speeds and revolutionary portable devices has only but confirmed the increase in uptake of eCommerce services. The following are but a few emerging marketing strategies being applied in 2019.

Increase of B2B transactions

eCommerce has for some time been considered the forte for B2C companies. However, the trend is changing, and customers are yearning for a personalized experience with the option of customization. Hence, B2B websites are recording an increase in traffic as the supplier’s dash to satiate their customer’s needs. The advent of return customers and building relationships and trust with changing economic times has been fueling the high business rates of business 2 business transactions.

Interactive platform involving customers in product conception

Most instances while undertaking the online shopping activities you pause to query yourself “Is the product the same one that will be delivered?”, “Is the deal too good to be true?” Well worry not, 2019 has seen an increase in the use of interactive shopping models through 3D visualization and augmented reality. You are provided with the option of scrutinizing the product and at times customize it to your needs.

The development has led to consumers increase in confidence while engaging in e-commerce transactions. Even though the social influencer phenomena through social media site like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, usually play a significant role in swaying the customers. Doubts while purchasing a product are dissuaded through personal interaction with the product bringing an added dimension to the eCommerce sector.

Chatbots, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence

Have you ever logged into an online store and on the bottom right corner an assistant offers to improve your shopping experience? Well, online robots commonly referred to as chatbots are changing the way customers shop in eCommerce websites. They provide immediate assistance to FAQs and other consumer-related queries through the implementation of artificial intelligence tools that allow the bot to predict the customer’s needs. The bots analyze the conversation and interpret what the customer wants through machine learning advancing a new era in consumer shopping trends online.

Reinventing the retail experience

High uptake of online shopping stores has rendered the t5raditional brick and mortar stores defunct. However, eCommerce business is reinventing the stores by introduction technological aspects to the new outreach centers for customers. The new store is redefining the customer retail experience. Through virtual and augmented reality customers can access a physical store and interact with the online store’s product. Enhancing the customer retail experience and garnering more support. For example, substantial eCommerce businesses such as Amazon has started implementing the model through their “4stars “store model.

In conclusion, eCommerce is evolving at a fast pace with the only limitation of our imagination and the relevant technological requirements. Otherwise, the future of business is undoubtedly eCommerce. Consumers are appreciating the benefits of engaging in eCommerce day by day. Artificial intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds, and companies streamlining the technology into the systems are reaping the benefits of embracing technology.

Where is the political polarity heading? Why people should heed history

Political polarity has become a much maligned topic. With the constant rise of political and social stratification, people have heeded to ideological groups they feel they must belong to; just to be safe. Unlike politics in other times of former generations, leaders and the public don’t work to the well-being of a state, these days. Instead, they work to remain relevant and feel lofty over the other groups they share a nationality with. Some historians will argue the absence of war among nations and the prevalence of peace, has rendered human being, thirsting for superiority. And since no nation wants to engage in a superiority war, people have resulted to stratifying themselves according to groups just to flex their superiority to their own state men.

The question is, what will happen when this polarization continues? What will happen when people continue contesting on whose ideology stands fit to rule the others? Is there an end to this polarity or will it be the end of nationalism? For starts, how did this polarization come to be so rigid in our nations? With a case study of the United States, these article will seek to justify on the future of political polarity and how it will lead nations to their purposive end.

End of wars as a contributor to political polarization. During the great depression or the world wars, people stuck together to stay safe. They heeded to the common national ideologies that saw to it the rising scales of nationalism. With no trials and public dismays to hold us together, state men have created walls among themselves and this has led to the political polarization.

Religious diversity. The clear definition of freedom and public rights over the past years has led to the political polarization. Example, among the two parties in the United States, the democrats have been said to be neither catholic nor protestant while the republicans have been considered Christians. This in turn has affected many decisions making where religious sensitive issues of gay marriage and abortion have been hotly contested in congress. This’ not because they do it for the well-being of a country but for the ideologies set by their political parties in the name religious principle.
Geographical setting.

A study in the case of the United States has shown the way people choose to live, is on the bases of their like-mindedness. We have heard places where democrats are a stronghold and other places where republicans are a stronghold. According to Bill Bishop and Robert Cushing’s book, Big Sort (2008), homogeneous way of living is a major contributor to extremism: and being a known adage, extremism either in a political, social, or economic context, is a threat to nationalism.

Our modern world differs in great extent from the old one. With no trying or plague-like factors like the cold war, world wars and the great depression in our midst; we have forgotten the essential values of nationalism. What then happens when the political polarization graduates to extremism that will later be implicated in our social and economic health? Then this will mean that slowly by slowly nations will break away, creating smaller divisions that will also face polarization in their various units.

The remedy comes in appreciating diversity and mix up. Just as Michel Obama stated in her retirement as the first lady speech, we need not see all these diversities as a threat to our national cohesion but as our common definition factor. That is who we are, a mix up of unity.

The State of “Fake News” and the Left and Right Divide in Media

With the increasing demand for news and up to date information around the globe, it is no surprise that the spread of fake news and disinformation has become rampant in the world. The people who perpetrate the spreading of the fake news seek to mislead the public in order to achieve some hidden agenda or incite riots to question the credibility of the current news outlets. More often than not, this misinformation is realized only too late, when the damage has already been done.

Another drawback to journalism today is the left and right wing media bias. The left wing media bias is averagely to extreme biased towards liberal causes and may publish misleading news or omit certain news that may jeopardize their liberal causes in order to protect their agenda. The right wing media bias are biased towards conservative causes and may achieve this through selective wording, story selection and deliberate omission of some stories. The dissemination of fake news, left and right wing bias are all major drawbacks in journalism. So how do we deal with these drawbacks to ensure the public gets the real news?

One way to deal with fake news is through invention of technology and algorithm programs that help identify fake news and disinformation. This will help not only in bringing the crooks to justice, but also prevent the dissemination of fake news in the first place. The counterpoint or round table approach could be used to prevent left or right wing media bias. In this approach, representatives are chosen to comment on an issue from each side of the bias, that is a liberal covert and a conservative one, This is popular among debates in media houses.

Another way of dealing with fake news would be to incapacitate financial incentives to make profit from the spreading of fake news which will discourage the perpetrators. Reassignment or dismissal of reporters who are biased may also be effective in dealing with left and right wing bias especially when there is a conflict of interest. Other ways of dealing with fake news include requirement for real name registration of accounts to prevent creation of fake accounts and promote accountability.

Also, funding endeavours that promote news literacy and following a diverse range of people will ensure you get different perspectives and thus reduce possibility of getting fake news. Being skeptical on news outlets could also help. Having laws that regulate balance on media could help control the left and right wing bias.

Sources are those people or things that relay news to journalists. The credibility of a source depends on the past experience in relaying correct information, bias and position they are in. Sources may be witnesses to a crime, secondary sources, written sources, leaked documents, photographers, fellow reporters or tip-offs.

A trusted source is one that relays correct information and which can be verified, for example, leaked documents from the clerk at the Mayor’s office may be considered trustworthy since the clerk works there and it is possible for them to have obtained the documents. Other evaluations of trust can be contextual or based on the personal instinct of the journalist.

How companies that do invoice financing really help the eCommerce

MacusH How companies that do invoice financing really help the eCommerce sector (since manufacturers often don’t receive their money and need to improve cash flow)

Invoice financing is the new boon to the different sectors. There are many companies in the market that does invoice financing and help the manufactures in the inflow of cash on their business. The companies help to get the cash collateralized for the outstanding invoices absolutely for free. This helps in a way to put back the money into the business and in turn, helps in expanding.

The main benefit for the companies that do invoice financing in that there is no need to wait for the invoice payment. Ecommerce sector is helped much by the financial companies. Mostly the business on eCommerce platform depends on the business circumstances.

There are plenty of companies that help the eCommerce sector. The invoices that is given to the customers at times do not receive the money on time and thus faces issues in cash flow. When the bulk of the items moves out in the business and it takes time to receive the money by the manufactures, the companies of invoice financing is the rescuer for the business to continue the free flow. How can invoice financing companies help in eCommerce?

•It helps in the general obligations of cash flow like a tax, rents, and wages.

•It also helps in investing in the digital marketing and online presence

•Stock purchases increases

•Fast growth is applicable to more staff employment and the purchase of new equipment can be done.

•Stress-free invoice management from invoices that needs to be facilitated to the fund’s disbursal.
•The invoice financing companies also help to get the unpaid delivery invoices so that the business functions smoothly and effortlessly

•Helps to concentrate more on the customers and customer satisfaction, which is the main motto of eCommerce.

Invoice financing option for eCommerce:

The companies which offer invoice financing cover both short-term as well as long-term cash flow finance which helps in the investments for the eCommerce business.

Those eCommerce businesses which have outstanding invoices and needs funding for their short terms requirements, the accounts receivable financing funding method suits the best. Merchant Cash Advance is best for the newly established eCommerce business where steady credit and debit sales are required.

Eligibility criteria for the eCommerce business: There are also some of the eligibility criteria for the eCommerce business to get qualified for the companies who do the invoice financing.

The eCommerce should be an established with a minimum of ten months old. Many companies take the turnover of the business as the eligibility criteria also. A minimum of twenty-five lakhs is expected as the turnover and the business should cater minimum to the two large-scale corporates. The CIBIL score of 620 is also considered the criteria.

Benefits of Invoice finance:

1.The invoice financeer will help in taking the responsibility to look after the sales ledger of the business.

2.Moreover, invoice discounting can also be done with an agreement with the eCommerce business and the invoice finance.

This will in turn help to retain the reputation in the market and the customers will not be aware and affected.

3.The invoice finance company will surely help to maintain and retain the good relationship with the customers as the eCommerce business will be able to fulfill the orders on time and without any hesitance of the cash flow and problems of the working capital.

How Conferences Have Become Too Commercialized

Conferences were once a great way of appreciating employees and a place where people were brought together for the sole purpose of presenting and discussing new inventions or ways that had been innovated so as every member that attended a certain conference would come from the conference with some new way of doing things as per the presentations. In this day and age where competition is very high on all platforms i.e. technology, agriculture, arts and entertainment, conferences have become the hub for marketing of products.

Marketing firms are running the show in conferences whereby in a teacher’s conference we find that book publishers, cooperative societies, stationery companies are paying lots of money to their marketing firms so as to organize conferences for head teachers and principals. In this kind of conference, the marketing firms become the organizers and they bring their own experts who guide the conversation in the direction of the marketer.

A marketer representing different organizations i.e. publishing house, media houses, clothing manufacturer for uniforms, office stationary, Sacco’s, banks, insurance and technology firms have become the biggest organizers of conferences for various professionals. Speakers that are brought in by the marketer are usually coached in the way they should present their flow of ideas in a way that would influence the members present on where or what they should go for. A good example is having a media personality being brought as a guest speaker at an entrepreneurial conference whereby the marketer’s idea is usually to lead the followers or the fans of the speaker to join a certain investment to join and become members.

The standards of conferences have drastically dropped whereby instead of those hosting the conferences arranging for discussion on various outstanding topics and new innovations the y have mostly dealt with networking between people and advertising to the delegates. The conferences have become organization oriented and marketing oriented away from the sole purpose of conferences which was people oriented and tackled the needs of the members that attended the conferences.

Most of the conferences have compromised the integrity and purpose of the meetings as per how they were supposed to be. From being centers of excellence and sharing of expertise information to being
places for enjoyment and fun making. The delegates are usually compromised in a way that they do not get any value addition in their line of work by attending the conference.

In conclusion, the people attending the conferences should be sober minded to ensure that as they attend the meetings wherever the conferences have been hosted, they should know that they are the stakeholders and that they are the ones responsible for what they are going to share or what
they are going to get from attending a certain conference. After attending the conference they should ask themselves of the value and what somebody has learnt from the conference and that the marketing firms are there for their own survival in this competitive world.

5 Modern Pitfalls Not To Fall For When Shopping Online

Online shopping stores have made life very easy for most people. It has eliminated the inconvenience of traveling a long distance in order to reach your favorite shopping mall and spending a lot of money on fuel in the process, struggling to get space between people in the mall in the process of shopping which can lead to injuries among other challenges involved in shopping at a physical store. However, this convenience comes with its own share of challenges that as a shopper you must strive to reduce.

5 modern pitfalls not to fall for when shopping online are explicitly explained below:


There has been an increase in the number of stores that give the guarantee of a convenient online shopping experience. Some offer very attractive packages that sound too good to be true. However some of them are a fraud and may leave you being a victim of identity theft through your credit card information. This is not an experience you want to put yourself into.
In some cases, the prices they put on their site are not the real prices that they end up charging you for the commodities and you may end up paying more. To ensure you do not fall into and you may end up in this situation, find out as much information as possible about the site from people you trust who have used them to ensure you opt for one with a performance track record before you make your purchase.


Most times the product displayed on your computer is the exact one that will be delivered to you. However, there are some instances where what is displayed on the site may be misleading. You may order it only to discover it is not what you wanted. To ensure what you see is exactly what you get, it is important to ask for clarifications from those sites. Alternatively, deal with online stores that return policy for their products. Ensure you also carefully read customer review on the product you want to purchase.


Some online stores do not know how to properly package commodities for their customers. They have very weak packaging materials. This may not protect the product the right way and consequently the commodity you ordered for may be broken. You do not want to end up with such a scenario. To avoid such purchase, from reputable online stores that are known to deliver their goods in the right wrapping and reaching you in the right form.


In some cases, what you ordered for may be delivered late to your inconvenience. This can be avoided by dealing with an online store that respects delivery timelines and are also willing to make special arrangements to deliver to those clients who may need a product urgently.


You always want to get value for money when you purchase goods from online stores. Sometimes this may not the case. You may end up with a good of very poor quality which can be very frustrating. You can ensure this is not the case by ensuring you make a purchase from an online store that is known to deliver quality for money.

Three ideas on creating a viral Instagram ad campaign

Instagram has become a popular place for content marketing. Over 700 million users engage with friends, followers or fans by sharing more than 100 million photos and videos a day. The social media platform has been introducing new and exciting ways for users to create content like Instagram Stories, Carousels, and Instagram live.

It can be tough for businesses to keep up with these rapidly changing tools and trends of social media platforms like Instagram but it has not stopped a lot of them from trying. Wading through the myriad of Instagram marketing campaigns to figure out what sets successful campaigns apart from the rest can be daunting.

To help you get inspired, here are three ways that Instagram has been used by companies and brands in their marketing efforts.

#1. Use influencer marketing

Adidas has created some memorable Instagram campaigns cementing their position as more than just a sports brand but a lifestyle brand as well. In the early spring from February to March 2017, Adidas ran their Creative campaign with the hashtag #HereToCreate featuring prominent athletes from around the world. The posts show how video capabilities on the platform can be used to make powerful and creative campaigns. The campaign featured prominent athletes sharing their passions for sports user influencer marketing to appeal to a specific Adidas target market. The brand took things further on their ORIGINALS campaign by partnering with notable hip-hop figures to establish their position as a key fashion figure in the hip-hop culture. Using the #ORIGINALSis, hip-hop industry names like Snoop Dogg and Designer promote the brand’s ORIGINALS product line. The videos that Adidas shares are both engaging and intriguing, but most of all they show how partnering with influential people can add credibility to a social media marketing campaign.

#2: Call for User-generated Content

User-generated content is gaining popularity on Instagram (with good reason.). This is because it encourages the audience to be creative, to engage with the product or brand and to express what they think and feel visually. One brand that has employed User-generated content successfully is Lokai. The Lokai bracelet has become synonymous with positivity. Lokai’s Instagram feed is full of great images taken and shared by fans from around the world. This results in a feed that not only focuses on the product, but the customers and fans who want to share their love for it with others. This marketing approach makes the brand more genuine and it also provides marketers with a platform to connect with users, showing them that you pay more than lip service to customer care.

#3: Announce Discounts, Sales and Giveaways

Every marketer knows how discounts and giveaways can entice new customers. Instagram can be used to announce these in a creative way and different companies and brands have used to launch successful campaigns. One company that has done so successfully in 2017 is Amazon. This eCommerce behemoth posted a simple image to thank customers for ranking them #1 in corporate reputation. They announced a discount created to thank and celebrate their win. To ensure that they could turn Instagram engagements with fans to sales, they provided discount code linked to their promotion pricing page. What Amazon managed to do is to convey their appreciation for their customers by actually thanking them, which is something that a lot of companies don’t do. They also managed to make customers and fans feel appreciated by rewarding them.

Giveaways and discounts are a great way to garner new followers and fans and a lot of brands are catching on to how effective this strategy can be. One brand worth mentioning that has been using this strategy effectively is Ryu. This Canadian athletic clothing retailer ran a campaign with a hashtag #WhatsInYourBag a contest used to promoting various products with a giveaway. They promoted the giveaway on their Instagram Story. Using this strategy helps with push marketing as the Stories feature sits above Instagram feeds helping to keep a product or campaign at the top of Instagram users’ minds.

Advice to People Who Want To Become Ecommerce Sellers

There exist several factors that people must consider in case they want to become a successful e-Commerce product sellers. Some of these factors are elaborated below.

1. Focus on three major fundamentals

These include the quality of the product. It must be of high quality compared to the competitors. The product must also have great imagery that will automatically attract customers. It also needs good shop navigation hence easily accessed.

2. Bringing of the products to life

Whenever the products are well photographed, those images give the customers a clear impression and overview of the product. The images must be clear to inform the customers and make them have a clear experience of them.

3. Build relationship with influencers

All online sellers have an enormous task of building a stronger relationship with bloggers. They play a significant role in suiting the product. They publicize the product making many people know it. They give attractive information about that product. All that is required is the seller to offer samples to them and any additional information about the said product.

4. Optimization of the design

They should focus on working on clean, simple and also professional look that will finally attract the customers hence resulting in higher shopping of the products.

5. Ask for honest feedback

Online sellers have a greater role in getting a group of people who will tell them the truth concerning their products. They must be trustworthy and highly dependable.

The seller for ticot-tshirt must as well put all these factors into consideration in case he wishes to prosper in his business.

6. Make buying easy

All e-Commerce sellers must simplify the process of buying. It should not be too complicated. All purchasing process needs to be streamlined and try as much as possible to eliminate all the barriers that may deter entry of a customer.

7. Give some free products and discounts

It is quite useful to attract the customers since they will be attracted and tempted to purchase more increasing online sales.

8. Always be selling

All sellers need to keep on selling. They should not get bogged down on the social media. However, they should go out and also try to talk to the real people and the consumers as well.

9. Sending samples to tastemakers

It is quite useful as it will capture the attention of the media resulting in the greater selling of the products since many people will get to know the product.

10. Connect with your customers

All sellers need to be pro-active and connect to their clients. They should try as much as possible to build a community around their product; they can do so by organizing for rallies and seminars to educate the customers about the product.

11. Continue evolving

They should always ensure improvement in technology; customers taste as well as adhering to the current trends. All this will lead to prosperity of the online marketing.

12. Leverage data in their decision

All e-Commerce sellers need to do so by measuring everything within their business parameters to ensure that everything is accounted for.

These factors are useful and must be adhered to by all e-Commerce sellers including ticot-tshirt sellers as it will lead to prosperity the business.

Will Google’s reign as search engine king last forever?

Apart from large countries like Russia and China where roman letters aren’t used to communicate, Google’s search engine has dominated the world online search industry for over a decade now. It controls more than 60% market share in the US alone, and rakes in billions of dollars in revenue for ads. Despite having other profitable sources like YouTube and Gmail, search remains to be Google’s main revenue generator. Last year alone, Google search engine earned $50 billion dollars for the company, far more than any other search engine.

After a decade of dominance, and constant growth, one is compelled to ask: will Google continue its dominance or will it like every other company or venture in history, meet its nemesis and lose its control over the market sooner or later? In near future, it seems improbable that any of Google’s competitors will overtake Google as the market leader. But is Google as infallible as it seems? What’s the reason behind its success?

Google started off as a brilliant search engine, beating its competition comprehensively but in the past 4-5 years, advancement in terms of search capabilities have not improved drastically as one may have hoped. It’s not that other search engines lack the ability or technology to beat Google’s search engine. It’s the control Google enjoys over the market. It has become synonymous with the internet for most users.

Google is like the most watched TV show not because it is the best, it is because people are unaware that other channels exist too. To break the Google bubble, something really special will be needed from its competition but neither Yahoo nor Microsoft seem to have that aggressive approach or exposure to threaten Google’s market share. Although Microsoft’s search engine Bing has a lot better image search options as compared to Google but since Google has become a household name, it is nearly impossible for even Microsoft to make a dent in Google’s market share.

Currently, if there is a company that can potentially threaten Google’s dominance, it has to be Facebook. With its massive traffic outreach, and user loyalty along with access to extensive information about individual, it can pose a genuine threat to Google’s dominance. Facebook’s 1.4 billion users and the data about their likes and dislikes, needs and wants provide Facebook with all the necessary ingredients to make a formidable opposing search giant that can rival Google itself.

There’s a third player in town that can rival both Facebook and Google if it gains traction. It all depends on how many people value their privacy and will be willing to quit Facebook and Google for their constant violation of user privacy and keeping track of their habits, needs and activities. DuckDuckGo founded in 2008 has recently gained quite a significant number of users, especially after news of the government spying on its own citizens broke.

The feature that makes DuckDuckGo stand out it that they do not track their users’ history, their locations or any of their information –all of which other search engines do in order to boost their advertisements. They believe that they don’t need to store user date in order to boost revenue from ads. Since apple OS in the new update has enabled apple users to switch to DuckDuckGo, numbers are expected to grow. But for the meanwhile, no real threat to Google’s dominance is in sight.