Five Startup Retail Fashion Brands To Look Out For

All successful fashion companies must have started somewhere. The success stories of these big brands are the inspiration to hundreds of startups dreaming of being the next big thing in the fashion industry.

Let’s tackle some startup retail fashion brands that people should know. These startups want to bloom the fashion industry even more with their unique ideas and sense of style.


Dia&Co. is a plus-sized clothing subscription box. This startup retail brand offers plus-sized clothing and accessories with an excellent feature of “try-on-at-home model”. Dia&Co. aims to expand their services to plus-sized women all over the United States.


True&Co. is an e-commerce fashion brand that aims to change the lingerie industry by selling bras and undergarments. The company was founded in 2012, but they recently got a big break when the line was sold to Calvin and Klein owner Phillips Van Heusen.

Bra is one difficult product to sell especially online since customers always have the challenge of getting the perfect fit even in physical stores. To make things easier, True&Co. includes a quiz that the clients need to answer about the bras they already own and how it looks when worn. The data obtained from the quiz will be used to suggest the best bra for their customers.

The company will send five bras to customers, fit it, pay for what you want, and send back the rest.


Wiivv is another fashion startup changing the game of footwear industry. But the company is not your ordinary show-making store. Wiivv is making and selling 3D-printed insoles specially made for each ordering individual. The company has been lucky enough to sell 10,000 insoles so far. And they target to sell customized shoes this 2017.

Customers use the Wiivv app to take photographs of their feet, and the app will directly send the file to the San Diego factory. It will take five days to get your hands on the 3D-printed insoles.

Wiivv promises better insole feel with lessened fatigue, joint load, and foot pain. A custom-made insole is important since it improves your footwear, walking and overall physical health.

Coded Couture

Coded Couture is a mysterious startup run by Google in partnership with H&M’s Ivyrevel. What an awesome tandem, right? Coded Couture is said to provide custom clothing for every individual based on their current situation for a much better fit and look.

Using Google’s new Awareness API, the customer’s data, activity and lifestyle are monitored. Through the app, they can order the “Data Dress” that is personalized, custom-made, and based on your preference. This would be an awesome way to get your hands on your dream dress!

Customers have the option to order different styles of dress for all occasion. Coded Couture will surely promote a unique and wearable style.


Runchkins would soon be every parent’s favorite startup fashion brand. Buying clothes for babies and kids can be pretty expensive considering that they have to keep changing sizes more frequently from time to time. Runchkins made an awesome idea to save money as you buy more clothes and easily get rid of the old unfitting ones.

As the little one outgrow the clothes, parents can sell them back to Runchkins in exchange for store credit. The company sells items for newborns up to six years of age. The company plans to resell the lightly used clothes at a much lower price so parents can save on while maximizing the company’s incentives.

The company is growing fast considering their recent report stating that customers keep coming back every few weeks to few months to buy new sets of clothes and resell the old ones.

Competition between Netflix and Amazon and where technology may be heading

There are a wide variety of streaming services to choose from, but the two that offer the most robust selection of options are Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant.

Netflix is the grand-daddy of them all at it is still the most patronized streaming service available. Although Netflix cycles through some of their movie titles and offers new ones every six or seven weeks, most television shows can be streamed a year after broadcast.

Now that they have entered into the original programming business, you can see some of the most critically-acclaimed series that are available nowhere else.

Amazon Prime Instant streaming service is very similar to Netflix in many regards. They both have free movies available to their subscribers.

Netflix still being the big beast in on the block, it faces a growing field of challenges from its competitors here being the Amazon which has currently raised its game making it more convenient than Netflix in some areas. The two streaming companies are in high competition with each other and Amazon’s general price point may give the company an edge.

Amazon differs from Netflix where many first-run shows on broadcast and basic cable TV are available from Amazon, at a price this bringing competition for Netflix where first -run shows on broadcast and basic cable TV you have to wait a year for them to be available.

When you order a movie or a series after it premieres, in Amazon, it gives you options both standard and high definition formats. The cost runs from the $4 dollar to $6 dollar range, but that is an option you cannot get on Netflix.

Like new movies? There is no need to wait a whole year for them to show up on Netflix. You can rent or buy them on Amazon Prime to add to your video cloud library for the same cost or even a little lower than the price you would pay for getting it through traditional channels.

Amazon also has titles available for rental/purchase that Netflix does not have, and they have it in high definition as well. Their investment selection doesn’t cycle the same way as Netflix’s streaming selection, and almost any movie is to be found in Amazon’s growing video library. So what’s the downside, you ask. Why should I even consider Netflix at all?

The main downside is that you will have to pay extra money in addition to your subscription fee if you want to see new shows and recently released on movies on home video. So Amazon Prime Instant will end up costing you more if you want to experience all the advantages it has over Netflix. Adding insult to the injury, there are countless titles on Netflix that come included with their base streaming subscription that you have to pay for on Amazon.

So if you have to choose just one, Netflix is the cost saving but still fantastic option. But if you don’t mind having an extra expense to have a home viewing experience closer to that of cable TV, then Amazon Prime is the option for you.

But even though Amazon Prime Video is more preferable for international viewers, Netflix’s originals still carries more cache. Both streaming companies are planning massive investments in original content over the next year so this race, although heated, is just getting started.

The internet is a revolutionary thing; changing ways people do business, communicate, and even conduct their lives during their recreation time. The increasing interconnectivity of society has shrunk borders, and we are exposed to the world far beyond our own by the web. Technology is always changing, and it is my opinion that the measure of a man is the machines that he builds. If we hold that principle to be true, then we may get an idea of just where it is we are heading.

What is the Online Retail Industry Looking Like In 2017?

Since the last couple of decades, most of the retail growth in sales is occurring due to the online channels. Even though it is a noticeable statistic, it is not the complete story. Through online channels, a rise of about 10% of the total retail sales is being recorded.

The steady growth in the online retails is almost giving a new life to the walk-in stores to some extent. There are companies that have a vague idea that even if there has been a rapid growth in the online sales industry, it has been quite difficult to discriminate between the online and the offline sales.

Discussing a few hypothetical scenarios, we might be able to understand that point. The online sales are themselves giving a new life to the physical walk-in stores.

A person who would want to buy a cell phone would check for it online first, and his decision would be based solely on some user generated feedback, which may or may not be true. While looking for a more suitable price, he would come across a discount on the same phone that he was going to buy at full price. So, he would walk in the store, get the phone.

Next, we have a single mother, shopping for the holiday gifts. She does all the selection for the gifts online and could pay for it all at once and get it over with. Instead, she would prefer to get the gifts closer to the holidays and save on the trouble of keeping the gifts safe from the snooping eyes of her kids.

We have consumers who usually move across various channels and have numerous retail options at their fingertips, they would want complete visibility into the catalogue and the pricing. Online retail industry is here to stay and we can anticipate that over the next few years, it will grow in a volatile manner as the buyers create their own path to shop.

We can clearly see that the consumers are moving so fluently among the channels that will soon become a vain implementation to identify the share of online sales. Soon, that number will be only of interest to the department that would be related to the accounts but not to the retailers, buyers, executives and stock holders.

To take a hold of this shifting and complex environment, the leading retailers should take the following steps.

The first step would be for the retailers to know the digital tools that are being used today for re-establishing the lost art of modified and personalized customer service. The retailers could give offers to the buyers regarding the thing that they may be looking for while on their online retailing websites.

The next step would be to offer the buyers a convenient shopping experience that would save their time as well as their money. It would be more profitable if the retailers target the right channel to provide the buyers with everything that they might be in need of. If they may be getting a lot of things that they require at one place, then they could come back some times later to look for more things to buy because they get everything that they want with just a few clicks.

The third and the last step would be to start spending, heavily on the new digital working of your website. Get a new website design that the consumer would be able to use easily and efficiently. Get improved and better content written for your website, amazing prices and an advanced way to communicate with the consumer.

The buyers at the present have several places to shop, whether they be online, on phones and walk-in stores and they surely use all of them to know all that they need about the product that they are about to invest into. They do not bother to separate these by drawing a line in between them, so the retailers should not do that either.

Why the right branding is so important for your retail products business

packing retail packaging

Many marketing specialists talk about the importance of branding. All of these experts stress the need of being able to come up and promote your brand when you’re starting a product line or an enterprise. But why exactly is a branding an important aspect of marketing ?

Brand refers to a phrase, word, symbol, or any other characteristic that identifies a product or service as separate from those of other sellers. Brand positioning refers to customers’ capability to position and identify the brand under different circumstances and link to the brand name, sign, and so on to certain relations in memory.

When you start marketing your company, product or services to various markets you will want to make sure that people know about the product or business and this is what you need branding for. It is through branding that people will remember and distinguish you from other companies. You can stand out from the rest just by having strong brands branding.

What is packaging and how does it relate to branding?

Packaging ensures the product is protected while on the distribution channel or during storage, this is obvious benefits of packaging, but there are more and more important functions of packaging.

In today’s competitive business world, packaging is seen as a major approach to gaining competitive advantage. Packaging help customers to recognize and associate products with a specific brand. Businesses have started finding techniques to sell their products through better and attractive designs and packaging. Attractive packaging designs and labels not only protect the products from damages but they are also essential in grabbing the attention of the consumer. “Staying competitive nowadays means switching up from old models of success that may have worked in the 80’s and 90’s and going with a new modernized look by improving infrastructure, but most importantly focusing on switching up the brand with a fresher look whether it’s website design or with a logo.

Reasons to branding

The brand is what you use to catch the attention of your intended market. Aside from the name, there is also what you call the tagline. The tagline is a very short statement that is put alongside the brand logo. It is very short, just a few words long, but it’s also very powerful. The tagline is used to drill into the consumer’s minds what you have that will benefit them.

Competitive advantage. Having a strong brand will give your products or business a competitive edge. When you have a well-positioned brand, it means when the consumers think about a problem you product solves they will directly relate to you and your business, and this increases the likelihood of the customers purchasing from you.

Customer loyalty. Customers want to relate with a strong brand, and you will be the first preference whenever they want to purchase a product. A Strong brand will help in the process of acquiring loyal customers.

When you have branded, you will realize that many people take note of it and remember the business as opposed to having an advert sitting in amongst a whole lot of other ones in a magazine or on a website. There are many advantages of branding a business compared to having a generic business that is the same as the other businesses.

When you choose to get branding for your company you should have it professionally designed. This will make sure that you get the correct marketing strategies and that you choose the appropriate colors and font. If you do this, you will make your branding even more visible and easy for people to see and read.

The Emerging Trends in the E-commerce Industry

Among the industries that are experiencing massive changes is e-commerce industry thanks to technological innovations. With the rising popularity of e-commerce, there is a decreasing demand for brick and mortar branches. People are getting used to shopping online at the comfort of their homes or offices. This has led to emergence of many and huge online stores which stocks everything that any consumer may want. To top it up, they even have free delivery services to attract more customers. The industry has witnessed a lot of changes as the industry players strive to woo customers. Some of the recent changes in the industry include:-

1. Global consumer preferences

Initially, most consumers were only concerned with what is stocked by their local online stores and few would bother going international. This trend has changed and consumers seem to have shifted their tastes to international brands. It is not surprising to find a consumer in Africa has ordered for a product from UK or even China. Consumers now have a wide variety to choose from unlike before when they only had their local display to choose from.

2. Customized marketing

This has been facilitated by the existence of huge data bases. There is a lot of information that has been collected over time about each and every consumer by the e-commerce firms. This has enabled them to know each and every consumer’s tastes and preferences. Consequently, they can afford to carry out personalized marketing. For instance, most firms that keep their clients record properly will know when the client has a birthday. This way they can tell the kind of products the client will use on that special day and hence market them accordingly.

3. Increased consumer confidence in e-commerce

Every year, the sales of most online stores go up and so do the profits. This indicates an increase in consumer confidence with online payment options. Initially, most consumers had a lot of reservation for online payments. This was mainly because of the cyber-crimes which used to rampant then. Today, most online stores have put up the necessary measures to curb cyber-crimes making online payment options not only safe but also the most convenient form of payment.

4. Increased product reviews by independent consumers

E-commerce has provided a platform where consumers can review products and services after consuming them. Prior to this type of technology, a lot of information about a product came from the seller or the manufacturer. This gave them power to tell unsuspecting customers some information that may not be correct. The ability of the consumer to express their experience after using a product has played a great role in getting rid of counterfeit products as well as the products that do meet the customers’ expectations. Customer can read what other users of the product experienced before buying it.

5. Increased demand for online internet training

Online businesses need to train their staff on how to deal with clients online. Most online stores have an online chat option where clients can learn more about the organization. There is also the growing demand for online marketing as opposed to the conventional marketing. The staff needs to be trained on these new trends in order to keep the customers coming for more.