Five Startup Retail Fashion Brands To Look Out For

All successful fashion companies must have started somewhere. The success stories of these big brands are the inspiration to hundreds of startups dreaming of being the next big thing in the fashion industry.

Let’s tackle some startup retail fashion brands that people should know. These startups want to bloom the fashion industry even more with their unique ideas and sense of style.


Dia&Co. is a plus-sized clothing subscription box. This startup retail brand offers plus-sized clothing and accessories with an excellent feature of “try-on-at-home model”. Dia&Co. aims to expand their services to plus-sized women all over the United States.


True&Co. is an e-commerce fashion brand that aims to change the lingerie industry by selling bras and undergarments. The company was founded in 2012, but they recently got a big break when the line was sold to Calvin and Klein owner Phillips Van Heusen.

Bra is one difficult product to sell especially online since customers always have the challenge of getting the perfect fit even in physical stores. To make things easier, True&Co. includes a quiz that the clients need to answer about the bras they already own and how it looks when worn. The data obtained from the quiz will be used to suggest the best bra for their customers.

The company will send five bras to customers, fit it, pay for what you want, and send back the rest.


Wiivv is another fashion startup changing the game of footwear industry. But the company is not your ordinary show-making store. Wiivv is making and selling 3D-printed insoles specially made for each ordering individual. The company has been lucky enough to sell 10,000 insoles so far. And they target to sell customized shoes this 2017.

Customers use the Wiivv app to take photographs of their feet, and the app will directly send the file to the San Diego factory. It will take five days to get your hands on the 3D-printed insoles.

Wiivv promises better insole feel with lessened fatigue, joint load, and foot pain. A custom-made insole is important since it improves your footwear, walking and overall physical health.

Coded Couture

Coded Couture is a mysterious startup run by Google in partnership with H&M’s Ivyrevel. What an awesome tandem, right? Coded Couture is said to provide custom clothing for every individual based on their current situation for a much better fit and look.

Using Google’s new Awareness API, the customer’s data, activity and lifestyle are monitored. Through the app, they can order the “Data Dress” that is personalized, custom-made, and based on your preference. This would be an awesome way to get your hands on your dream dress!

Customers have the option to order different styles of dress for all occasion. Coded Couture will surely promote a unique and wearable style.


Runchkins would soon be every parent’s favorite startup fashion brand. Buying clothes for babies and kids can be pretty expensive considering that they have to keep changing sizes more frequently from time to time. Runchkins made an awesome idea to save money as you buy more clothes and easily get rid of the old unfitting ones.

As the little one outgrow the clothes, parents can sell them back to Runchkins in exchange for store credit. The company sells items for newborns up to six years of age. The company plans to resell the lightly used clothes at a much lower price so parents can save on while maximizing the company’s incentives.

The company is growing fast considering their recent report stating that customers keep coming back every few weeks to few months to buy new sets of clothes and resell the old ones.