The Best eCommerce trends of 2019

Technological advancements have continued to push the future of business. Availability of fast internet speeds and revolutionary portable devices has only but confirmed the increase in uptake of eCommerce services. The following are but a few emerging marketing strategies being applied in 2019.

Increase of B2B transactions

eCommerce has for some time been considered the forte for B2C companies. However, the trend is changing, and customers are yearning for a personalized experience with the option of customization. Hence, B2B websites are recording an increase in traffic as the supplier’s dash to satiate their customer’s needs. The advent of return customers and building relationships and trust with changing economic times has been fueling the high business rates of business 2 business transactions.

Interactive platform involving customers in product conception

Most instances while undertaking the online shopping activities you pause to query yourself “Is the product the same one that will be delivered?”, “Is the deal too good to be true?” Well worry not, 2019 has seen an increase in the use of interactive shopping models through 3D visualization and augmented reality. You are provided with the option of scrutinizing the product and at times customize it to your needs.

The development has led to consumers increase in confidence while engaging in e-commerce transactions. Even though the social influencer phenomena through social media site like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, usually play a significant role in swaying the customers. Doubts while purchasing a product are dissuaded through personal interaction with the product bringing an added dimension to the eCommerce sector.

Chatbots, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence

Have you ever logged into an online store and on the bottom right corner an assistant offers to improve your shopping experience? Well, online robots commonly referred to as chatbots are changing the way customers shop in eCommerce websites. They provide immediate assistance to FAQs and other consumer-related queries through the implementation of artificial intelligence tools that allow the bot to predict the customer’s needs. The bots analyze the conversation and interpret what the customer wants through machine learning advancing a new era in consumer shopping trends online.

Reinventing the retail experience

High uptake of online shopping stores has rendered the t5raditional brick and mortar stores defunct. However, eCommerce business is reinventing the stores by introduction technological aspects to the new outreach centers for customers. The new store is redefining the customer retail experience. Through virtual and augmented reality customers can access a physical store and interact with the online store’s product. Enhancing the customer retail experience and garnering more support. For example, substantial eCommerce businesses such as Amazon has started implementing the model through their “4stars “store model.

In conclusion, eCommerce is evolving at a fast pace with the only limitation of our imagination and the relevant technological requirements. Otherwise, the future of business is undoubtedly eCommerce. Consumers are appreciating the benefits of engaging in eCommerce day by day. Artificial intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds, and companies streamlining the technology into the systems are reaping the benefits of embracing technology.