Three ideas on creating a viral Instagram ad campaign

Instagram has become a popular place for content marketing. Over 700 million users engage with friends, followers or fans by sharing more than 100 million photos and videos a day. The social media platform has been introducing new and exciting ways for users to create content like Instagram Stories, Carousels, and Instagram live.

It can be tough for businesses to keep up with these rapidly changing tools and trends of social media platforms like Instagram but it has not stopped a lot of them from trying. Wading through the myriad of Instagram marketing campaigns to figure out what sets successful campaigns apart from the rest can be daunting.

To help you get inspired, here are three ways that Instagram has been used by companies and brands in their marketing efforts.

#1. Use influencer marketing

Adidas has created some memorable Instagram campaigns cementing their position as more than just a sports brand but a lifestyle brand as well. In the early spring from February to March 2017, Adidas ran their Creative campaign with the hashtag #HereToCreate featuring prominent athletes from around the world. The posts show how video capabilities on the platform can be used to make powerful and creative campaigns. The campaign featured prominent athletes sharing their passions for sports user influencer marketing to appeal to a specific Adidas target market. The brand took things further on their ORIGINALS campaign by partnering with notable hip-hop figures to establish their position as a key fashion figure in the hip-hop culture. Using the #ORIGINALSis, hip-hop industry names like Snoop Dogg and Designer promote the brand’s ORIGINALS product line. The videos that Adidas shares are both engaging and intriguing, but most of all they show how partnering with influential people can add credibility to a social media marketing campaign.

#2: Call for User-generated Content

User-generated content is gaining popularity on Instagram (with good reason.). This is because it encourages the audience to be creative, to engage with the product or brand and to express what they think and feel visually. One brand that has employed User-generated content successfully is Lokai. The Lokai bracelet has become synonymous with positivity. Lokai’s Instagram feed is full of great images taken and shared by fans from around the world. This results in a feed that not only focuses on the product, but the customers and fans who want to share their love for it with others. This marketing approach makes the brand more genuine and it also provides marketers with a platform to connect with users, showing them that you pay more than lip service to customer care.

#3: Announce Discounts, Sales and Giveaways

Every marketer knows how discounts and giveaways can entice new customers. Instagram can be used to announce these in a creative way and different companies and brands have used to launch successful campaigns. One company that has done so successfully in 2017 is Amazon. This eCommerce behemoth posted a simple image to thank customers for ranking them #1 in corporate reputation. They announced a discount created to thank and celebrate their win. To ensure that they could turn Instagram engagements with fans to sales, they provided discount code linked to their promotion pricing page. What Amazon managed to do is to convey their appreciation for their customers by actually thanking them, which is something that a lot of companies don’t do. They also managed to make customers and fans feel appreciated by rewarding them.

Giveaways and discounts are a great way to garner new followers and fans and a lot of brands are catching on to how effective this strategy can be. One brand worth mentioning that has been using this strategy effectively is Ryu. This Canadian athletic clothing retailer ran a campaign with a hashtag #WhatsInYourBag a contest used to promoting various products with a giveaway. They promoted the giveaway on their Instagram Story. Using this strategy helps with push marketing as the Stories feature sits above Instagram feeds helping to keep a product or campaign at the top of Instagram users’ minds.